Fulton and Roark

Solid Colognes

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Throw this into your dopp kit, gym bag, backpack, or slide it into your work desk. These solid cologne offerings will keep you smelling your best no matter where you are.

Clearwater - Inspiration coming from the Madagascan geranium, notes of fresh water and oak moss, as well as hints of citrus, give off an extremely clean scent.

Hatteras - A rugged scent, being based off of Hatteras Island, known to fishers as a marlin paradise. This scent gives off hints of lavender, moss, and incense, combining into a musky scent.

Tybee - Amber, rosewood, cedar, and crisp air all come to mind with this scent. Based off of Tybee island, known for clean salt air, and relaxing getaways, this scent proves perfect for summer.

Shackleford - Shackleford Banks to this day still is known for the wild horses that roam the beaches. With hints of amber and sandalwood, it will feel like you too, are sitting on one of those windswept dunes.

Sterling - This scent appeals to ones complex side, with hints of leather, tobacco, and vanilla. This scent provides a sweet scent with a warm undertone, that we're sure you will love!